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These 5 Foods Can Soothe Your Headache!

No one has to struggle over a severe headache. Also, one should not always rely heavily on over-the-counter meds that will help soothe the headache as it may increase our drug tolerance and therefore may be harmful to our health in the long run. The good news, though, is that there are healthy foods just around the corner that will give you the same alleviating effect on that pesky headache. Get to know them; you might just need to include them on your grocery list the next time.

  1. Baked potato is not just a side dish

It turns out that your favorite side dish during dinner could help soothe your headache, especially if it is alcohol-related. When you are on a hangover, you tend to get dehydrated, since alcohol is a diuretic. Because of that, you tend to lose significant amount of potassium in your system. Being a potassium-rich food, baked potatoes can be your best treatment for hangover-related pains in the head.

  1. Make a watermelon smoothie


Easy and Natural Ways to Ease a Pounding Headache

Studies show that dehydration is on the top of the list of the causes of headaches. And what better source of fluids can we get than from a watermelon? This refreshing fruit contains natural water that contains a lot of minerals, such as magnesium, that are key to preventing a headache. You can always eat a slice of watermelon or enjoy it as a smoothie anytime of the day. You may also turn to other water-rich foods such as berries, melon, tomatoes, and lettuce.

  1. Another reason to sip coffee

Drinking coffee has been a folk remedy for painful headaches and it turns out that it really is effective – only in moderation, though. Alcohol, which might be the cause of your headache, tends to expand the blood vessels which trigger a headache. On the other hand, the caffeine found in coffee has a constricting effect on them, thus alleviating the pain in your head. But don’t go sipping too much, though. Since caffeine is also a diuretic, it may tend to increase dehydration and your headache if you consume too much of it as well.

  1. Whole-grain toasts could help


Baked Potato

It has been found out that one who consumes too little carbohydrates will more likely get a headache. This is because when you’ve got less carbohydrate in your system than you have to, your glycogen stores, which are your brain’s main source of energy, are depleted. It also increases fluid losses as well – all of these will result to a headache later on. It doesn’t hurt to take in a few carbs when headache hits you. Go grab a whole-wheat bread or an oatmeal next time.

  1. Pop some almonds, not pills.

Almonds are a rich source of magnesium, whose action is to relax the blood vessels and thus, soothe a headache. Even migraine sufferers could also be relieved by following a magnesium-rich diet. You may also try other foods high in magnesium such as bananas, avocados, cashews, brown rice, and legumes.

Don’t let headaches pull you down from your job or from your leisure activities. You can always turn to healthy ways to alleviate your pains away.

Credit Cards Points: How To Take Advantage Of Them

Rewards, rebates, points, freebies – however you call them they all translate to savings! Are you being lured to apply for a credit card in exchange of a premium item? How about feeling tempted to shop for a huge discount? Credit cards are trying their best to stay creative in order to keep your business. For each purchase you make using your credit card, you either get a cash rebate, a free item or an outright discount. Almost all credit cards issued these days have this marketing component in them. Are they for real, practical or downright cover-up to make you charge more than you could afford to spend on your card? How do you maximize these kinds of rewards?

Don’t get too excited about rewards

Of course it’s cool that credit cards should give you rewards for each spend you make out of their cards; you could say that this is a win-win situation. But don’t shift your focus on the reward; meaning, do not spend for its sake. Instead keep your focus on your piling bill and the finance charges that go with it. Shop only when it’s time to shop and don’t just find reasons to shop. Keep a good money attitude so you don’t get caught in too much debt more than what you can pay for. Make sure that you would view rewards only as perks for discount or rebate for purchases that you will actually make.


credit card perks you don’t know you have

Consolidate points

For points-specific rewards, it’s best to accumulate or consolidate them in exchange of a pricey item sometime soon. For instance, if it’s just six months away before Christmas, let your points accumulate to buy extra food during this time or a special gift for someone. You’ll appreciate it more if you’re able to buy a pricey item for free than use those points and convert to cash to serve as discount for your current purchase.

Choose among your cards that give the highest outright cash discount

You can’t expect credit cards to have identical rewards program; rewards are computed based on their projected sales on this promotion. So, one of your cards may be giving away 5% discount for any purchase for 3 months and another may 10% discount for a price limit purchase. Rewards could be both exciting and overwhelming that is why you need to take your time and study the cost of them and see which ones are really helping you save more on your purchases. You will never know until you make a careful study that the rewards that seem unappealing at face value is the one that will provide you a steady savings for the next couple of months.


6 ways to maximize hotel rewards

  Look for official partner establishments

While convert-to-cash offers are good, other perks could work just as well; for instance, a two night stay in partner hotel, a free air ticket, exclusive dinner for two or even Broadway show tickets. Have a good understanding just how far and wide you could enjoy your perks and keep an eye on them. List down at least three choices so that when your points are nearing expiry you can pick which ones already come close to rewards redemption.

5 Qualities That Your Business Lawyer Should Possess

The world of business can be tricky and treacherous. Knowing its ups and downs is simply not enough to help you survive and succeed through it. Sooner or later, someone will find a good reason to sue you, and you have to defend yourself well to save your business. However, if you don’t even know how to, it is only best that you hire a business lawyer beforehand – that is, before a sheriff is already knocking on your front door with a subpoena.

But before you hire a lawyer; be on a lookout for these 5 qualities that prove he deserves the position.

  1. He must be well-experienced.

You have every right to ask him directly about his experiences as a lawyer. But even though you would opt to hire a more experienced lawyer than those who are still starting, you should also consider newly- practicing and commendable lawyers by asking them of their achievements even during their internship days.

  1. He must have a lot of connections.


Personal Qualities Needed to Be a Lawyer

You need someone who can diagnose and treat your problem and also refer you to other lawyers to help with the more major problems. No lawyer can possibly be knowledgeable in every area of the law, and he should know where to ask for help when it is needed. If you don’t want to go looking for a new lawyer each time you are faced with another legal dilemma, then look for someone who can do the job for you.

  1. He must be familiar with your industry.

It is essential for your lawyer to be familiar with your business and its legal environment. If he isn’t, although it would be best that he already is, he should be willing to learn its ins and outs. You can always give him copies of the journals and literature that you read regarding your field of work. However, you should be able to know if your lawyer is working for one of your business competitors. Although it is illegal for him to divulge information to his other clients, it’s still better safe than sorry.

  1. He must be a good teacher.


Qualities to Look For in a Lawyer

Of course, your lawyer must be able to educate you and your staff with the legalities that involve your business – and he should do good with it. A good teacher hands out freebies such as newsletters that contain the recent developments in the law that will affect the type of business that you have. Teaching you and your team will help you learn how to spot a problem before it hits you.

  1. He must be flexible in the pricing.

Since there is a “glut” of lawyers these days, most lawyers are already in the position to negotiate for their fees as much as possible. Most of them may even not settle for a “contingency” fee or payment only after the legal work is done just the way the client wants it. However, he should still offer you a reasonable price tag that you can rightly afford.

Choosing the right lawyer to defend your business is crucial. That is why you have to take a lot of considerations in mind before choosing the first one that comes in your doorstep.

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